Keepcare India is startup by Parents inspired by Their Child.

God gifted us a child and we were doing our best to ensure that there is no deficiency in his safety and security.

We tried our best but when our child was learning to walk then he used to fall frequently. One Day, While Playing on the couch,  Our Baby fell straight on the corner of the table.

Our child was crying very loudly with pain, thanked God that he had not suffered any serious injury. At that time, there was only one thing in our mind about what to do so that we could reduce the possibility of getting hurt on falling.

We searched a lot of products so that our problem could end. But no product was in the market. After that, we decided to make something so that this problem can be eliminated. And ultimately we built Baby Safety Helmet. All This Took Over 1 year of R&D.

During This year, the voice of the child’s crying was repeatedly repeated in mind and there was a goal in mind that to make such a product which is helpful for other parents. There was an obsession in our mind that the other mother father should not feel helpless when their child get hurt while learning to walk.

We already helped over thousands of parents to welcome their new babies int0 safe, secure and peaceful environment.

We Believe All Parents Must Give Safe And Secure Future To Their Baby